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RE: [IP] Re: Shopping a KMART and WALMART BEWARE

You should not be voicing your complaint in this forum, but in the corporate
offices of the two companies.  I won't shop at the local K-Mart because the
service is horrendous and the checkout lines are long and terribly slow.
The people I have dealt with at this K-Mart have IQ's comparable to large
rocks, so I vote with my pocketbook and shop elsewhere.  Is it any wonder
they are bankrupt?

Local Walmarts are much, much better.  I would expect such behavior, or
worse, from a K-Mart employee, but I am very surprised that an event like
this took place in one of Sam Walton's stores.

Store security officers are not police, and they do not have police powers.
Often stores put up signs claiming to reserve the right to inspect packages
and detain suspected shoplifters, but they are claiming to reserve a right
that they don't legally have.  If a store security officer assaults you in
an attempt to illegally detain you, call the police and press charges.  You
may also have grounds for a civil suit if you are injured in any way.

On behalf of all Americans, I apologize for the idiots you encountered
during your trip here.

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