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RE: Aspartame
I have been a diabetic for over 20 years and have used aspartame all that time, then this year I started with some horrible headaches, very much like a migrane, could not get rid of them.  I went through testing for a brain tumor, Parkinson's, [also got a head tremor], aneurism, and a couple of other things I can not remember.  Fortunately everything came back negative but I still had the headaaches daily.  I decided to try giving up aspartame as I do know it can cause headaches.  Well in a few days the headache went away and for 2 weeks did not have one, so I decided to try 1/2 cup of sugar free pudding and immediately got the same headache.  So, in my own research on me, I am not going to ingest any more aspartame if I can help it.
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