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[IP] Pump training

I was wondering how any of you were given training/classes to get ready or start the pump.  I know every doctor/clinic has their own preference, and we will attend classes for a couple of weeks, one or two days a week and do one on one with the CDE for a couple of days, which seems a bit drawn out to me.   I guess I'm just getting impatient, LOL, and still waiting to hear back from our insurance company.  Did you like the way your training was given to you, group or individual.  I know many wear the pump with saline before going online and this has not been offered to us (parent usually included in this).  This might tye up the list a bit, so if you want to just email me about it, please feel free to do so.


Mom to Wesley 16, Michelle (dx'd 8/94) 12, Jennifer 8, and Hailey 3.

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