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Re: [IP] DFW Support - Meet Cozmo THIS THURSDAY

I know about the chat scheduled for 10/30 - the one you mentioned in the
text of your message but in the subject you say THIS  THURSDAY. Are there 2
chats scheduled?

The reason I ask about the launch date is that I have been approved by
insurance company to get the Cozmo as soon as it comes out. I was under the
impression that was November not December. If it has been pushed back a
month and then gets pushed back another month I will be out some money. I
have met my out of pocket (first time in this life) medical expenses this
year so the insurance company will be picking up the full bill as long as it
is before the end of the year.
Sue Dx 1/2002

Rodney Mead" <email @ redacted> wrote:
Subject: Re: [IP] DFW Support - Meet Cozmo THIS THURSDAY

>  Come to Chat On 10-30-2002 to ask the people from Deltec in their first
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