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RE: [IP] Re: Shopping a KMART and WALMART BEWARE

Something doesn't sound right about this story. Feel free to jump my ass for
asking, and I mean no disrespect, but are you of Middle Eastern decent? Or
were these incidents in a large northeast city? Not that it's right, cause
it's NOT, but either of these might explain how you received this treatment
from not one, but two stores on the same day. I just can't imagine the story
playing out exactly the way you presented it. Twice. Sorry, but I have to
think something is missing here. And if it did, and this all happened at the
exit, they have security cameras on the doors that would have caught the
whole thing.
Good luck in the future

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From: email @ redacted

Beware whilst shopping at either of these stores.  I have never visited
one prior to Saturday and needles to say, I shall never visit another
Upon entering both stores, at different times on Saturday, the door
alarm went off.  I just explained to the fellow standing there it was my
son and myself and we had various attached and implanted medical
devices.  He waved us through.
On our way out of KMART the alarms went off again and a clerk grabbed me
by the wrist at the door and demanded I stand there until security
arrived.  She then demanded that I remove the pump and hand it to her.
 Fortunately there was a nurse in line and she reprimanded the clerk and
told her to leave us alone.  She proceeded with further interrogation
and pulled the pump from my belt.  Of course it came out attached to its
43 inch infusion line and dropped to the cement floor.
Their security came and finally let me go when I showed them my card
that comes with the pacemaker and my MiniMed card with all the info on
it.  We had over $300 in Halloween stuff for our annual party.  We
immediately took it back....alarms going off again and demanded a full
refund.  Refund given to my credit card even though I gave them cash.
 No apology just admonished that I might want to shop elsewhere.  I
agreed whole heartedly never to step foot in that store again.  No
apology nothing!
On to Walmart.  Basically the same story except the guard slammed my son
into the door.  With much apprehension we entered the store.  Shopped
for the Halloween stuff again.  Same story only the amount was $265.  We
demanded our money back and the same deal was accomplished.  No cash
back.  Most interesting experience shopping in America.  I have never
been so badly or rudely treated anyplace in this world.
No more stores such as these.  This doesn't happen in Nordstroms or
Bloomies.  No wonder these stores are going bankrupt.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml