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[IP] Re:Newbie questions


First of all, good for you for wearing the pump first. Our CDE looked at me
like I was crazy when I asked to wear it before I hooked my son up. I told her
there was no way on Earth I would subject him to something that big without
going through it myself first.

Next, that pump is probably tougher than you give it credit for. My son is a
VERY rough sleeper and his pump is fine, he is fine, and his sites stay fine,
too. We used the waist pouch for a while (he likes it best clipped to the neck
of his shirt these days) and it does make potty trips much easier. It can get
tricky having your pants down when there is tube coming from them attached to
your body. JayJay hasn't had a site get pulled out yet. That includes having
it get dropped and just hanging there by the glue from the set.

Feel free to email me if you want to talk about 4 year-olds on pumps. Best of
luck on the startup.

Mom to JayJay, age 4 1/2
dx'd @11 mos.
Pumping with "Zero"
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