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CBGM was Re: Glucowatch - previously [IP] Panic Room

> Our endo spoke with me aboout it yesterday and I told him I am not impressed
> so Mary will be going on the glucose sensor for three days next
> week....anyone know much about that?

Well,  first,  we are in the getting approval process for the Glucowatch.
Doc wants him on it because of his nighttime seizures.

We also did the CBGM back in May.    Typically done for 3 days,  but
we did ours over the course of 7 days ---  again because of his seizures
and his wacky numbers.

It's bulkier than a pump.    Instead of a nice flexible tubing,  you have
a stiffer thicker computer wire to deal with hanging between the
site and the monitor.    IT's not waterproof, so you have to bag it to bathe.

The needle is rather big (don't tell her about that one - Zach freaked.)
You won't get any readouts while using it,  but can get great info
after Dr. downloads it and it does do neat charts and overlays then.

Oh,  and in our case because we were doing it longer than the normal
3 days,  it meant we went home with an inserter (really big)  and
a few extra sensors (they are what sticks out at the site.)    So I
got training on changing  them.

Bad news was that they are supposed to last for 3 days,  but turns out
that Zachary's body would short them out within 30-36 hours.   So we
did lots of sensor changes and lost some data from times he was
shorting out before monitor picked it up.

Good  news was that Minimed was VERY SUPPORTIVE.   I was on the
phone with them 3 times the second night when he was in the process
of shorting a sensor out and it kept trigerring alarms.    They did say
he is not the norm, so most sensors last the full 3 days on people.

Oh yeah,  don't let them do a tummy insert.   We later found out that on
children who are active,  its best to do hip insertion to avoid so much
movement of the cable wire.


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