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Re: [IP] Newbie questions

In a message dated 10/15/02 8:11:41 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< It went fine and didn't really bother me.  But I did have some questions.
 How do you sleep with it easily?  I hardly moved all night for fear of
 messing something up.  Would rolling over on it affect the pump or the
 tubing?  I was also afraid of doing something to pull the site out. >>

I was conscious of Elvis being in bed with me for the first couple of nights. 
I haven't been much aware of him since. I have woken up with my pump wrapped 
around my waist, on the floor, under me and just about anything imaginable. 
The set has pulled out of me a couple of times, when Elvis was under my 
husband and I rolled one way and he rolled the other. Elvis has also been 
dropped a few times. One drop on a tile floor knocked the top of the battery 
compartment off, but the batter holder stayed in and I had a new little 
battery case the next day. Pumps are really very sturdy little things, so 
don't worry too much about it breaking. Those infusion sets are usually in 
pretty tight, too. If one comes out -- just put another in. Not a problem. I 
know somebody who was in a pretty severe motocycle accident and her pump came 
out just fine. (:And my friend is recovering well.)

Jan and Elvis
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