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[IP] Newbie questions

Hi Everyone,

I have just finished wearing the pump with saline in it for 2 days in
preparation for my daughter to start soon.  She goes on saline on Saturday
and live with insulin on Monday!  She is very excited about that. :-)

It went fine and didn't really bother me.  But I did have some questions.
How do you sleep with it easily?  I hardly moved all night for fear of
messing something up.  Would rolling over on it affect the pump or the
tubing?  I was also afraid of doing something to pull the site out.  And at
one point I must have crimped the line because I saw a several inch air
bubble in it about half way through the first day.

So most of my problems come with wearing it and not the functions.

My one other question is about taking out a site.  There is nothing written
about that anywhere and when I took mine out (tried to pull it out quickly
in the same direction as it went in, it is a silhouette), blood shot out.
Not a lot, but it was a surprise. :-) Is that normal or did I nick a blood
vessel on the way out?

My daughter is 4 years old and has been on Humolog and Lantus for the past
year since diagnoses.  We are pretty good at counting carbs.  And the pump
itself seems pretty basic.  We are using a Paradigm.  All of the pumps look
very good and I don't think we would have had a problem with any of them.
Our doctor was just most comfortable with this one, mostly I think because
the company has been around for so long.

Any tips for actually wearing and dealing with the physical aspect of the
pump would be appreciated.

Oh, I tried the pump in my pocket (didn't like it) and hooked on my
waistband (better).  We have ordered a waist band and case for our daughter.
She wears dresses a lot and needed something to go under them.  Does anyone
have a backpack case?  I wasn't sure how those would work.  Does the tubing
go up the back and into the pump?  Have you had any problems with the child
rolling over on it or backing into things with it?

Thank you so much!
Pam Taynor
Mommy to Kristy 7 and Michelle 4 (dxd 10/01, pumping on Monday!)
Raleigh, NC
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