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Re: Glucowatch - previously [IP] Panic Room

I hope you have better luck with the cgms than we did.
Shannon wore it a few weeks ago and we got ~18hrs of
data, but it was interrupted data. There wasn't enough
to give us any helpful info. She's supposed to go back
on it soon, but we're not sure when yet. I can't wait
to get a glucowatch to try because it can't possibly be
any worse. The cgms and glucowatch collect the glucose
differently (interstitial vs reverse iontophoresis) but
calculate the readings in similar ways (taking readings
over time and averaging them). They are both trending
devices and not meant to replace the meters. The cgms
does more readings per day but you only get 3 days max
(*if* it does the full 3 days) and that's it. And you
can't view the data. I like to see the trends myself
without having to go to the dr to download/see them.
You can at least remove the glucowatch after 12hrs but
you can't remove the cgms for 3 days. I was hoping to
see how the basals were doing (we're having problems
somewhere that I have yet to find) and was very
disappointed that the cgms quit working on us. I think
the glucowatch would be extremely useful for this

Take care, Kerri
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Beverly said:
Our endo spoke with me aboout it yesterday and I told
him I am not impressed
so Mary will be going on the glucose sensor for three
days next
week....anyone know much about that?
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