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Re: [IP] Mini-gusher?

>What about exploding fingertips?    It's only happened once,  but
>last month Zachary was testing in the nurses office and I was there.
>I think he was really high (like 420)  and I was getting ready to take
>him home.    When the lancet pierced his finger,  it was like it
>exploded.   Blood splattered two feet away in 20 different directions
>at once!    Sure shook up the prissy nurse ---  she probably spent
>hours disinfecting the office after my quick wipeup before we left.

Something like this happened to me once at school.  Blood shot straight up 
from my finger tip and hit the ceiling.  Everybody got so grossed out.  My 
response?  "oops."

Weird Jenn
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"When I was young, I was put in a school for retarded kids for two years 
before they realized I actually had a hearing loss...and they called ME 
slow!"  -Kathy Buckley

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