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Re: [IP] basal rates and pregnancy

I started the pump when I was about 9 wks pregnant and my insulin requirements
were slowly going up. Now that I am 23wks pregnant, they seem to going up
every week, as well as my carb ratios. I'm finding it very difficult being a
pregnant diabetic (even though it's my second time) but I recently found out
my HBA1C was 5.8 which is the best it's ever been so I  must be doing
something right. Just don't be alarmed by the changes that happen because
there will be a lot and it will be throughout the pregnancy. It seems with me
that as soon as my doctor and I have a really good couple of weeks, something
starts changing and we have to increase my levels again. I went from 30 units
a day at the beginning to around 45-50 units a day and I have 6 basil rates at
the moment. I'm also doing 10 or more bg's a day, yuk, including a 3 am one
every morning. My doctor was saying that another one of his patients has 10
basil rates and another has 11. Everyone is different  but for a diabetic, I
think for the most part it's going to be more difficult going through 9 months
of pregnancy but just hang in there. It's really hard but if you put your mind
to it, any diabetic woman can get through it. Good luck.


I found out recently that I'm 4 weeks pregnant, and so far my basals have
gone up about 15%. I'm worried that it will be very hard to manage bs during
this time. I'm testing every 1-2 hours. I'd like to hear from others who have
gone through or are going through pregnancy regarding how their insulin
requirements changed during the course of pg. Thanks.
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