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Re: [IP] Bagels

> In Baltimore, an Einstein bagel weights about 3.5 oz.  That's 98 g.
> Maybe at most 10% of that weight is not digestable carb.  So you need
> to figure insulin for 80 g.  A 55 g bagel that Liz eats is really
> only half a bagel ;-)

you dare to call a tim horton's bagel a fake bagel?

hmmm... actually, scratch that.  they are pretty puffy and not the real

but a montreal style bagel is really the only real bagel.  smaller, less
puffy, but full of taste.  best with montreal smoked meat and swiss cheese.
and mustard! add some sauerkraut on top of the meat and under the cheese,
toasted, and you have a reuben (of a sort).  yum. :)  don't forget the real
kosher pickle on the side!
now that's the real thing!
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