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[IP] Re: aspartame and science, etc.

>Ryan, you crack me up with your selective interpretations.  But i 
>really did like what you said in your last post. 


You confuse "selective interpretations" with "suggesting alternative 
interpretations that the original researchers didn't appear to 
consider."  I'm not suggesting that the alternative suggestion I have 
is correct...only pointing out that the research didn't consider it as 
a possibility (at least, from what I read).  

Actually, that is a problem I've seen in a LOT of research...the 
conclusions reported often are based on assumptions that may not even 
be valid or verifiable.  In order to support the conclusion, the 
assumptions need to also be supported.  If they are not, then ANOTHER 
research project needs to be done. :-)

Once again, I have noticed a marked improvement in my short-term memory 
when limiting my aspartame intake.  These studies suggests that it 
could be from consuming more carbohydrates and NOT from the aspartame 
itself.  I also recognize, however, that the study as working from the 
assumption that aspartame has no negative effects on memory.  That 
assumption may or may not be correct.  

Regardless, however, the outcome is the same.  :-)  Either my memory 
improves because I am eating more sugar, or my memory improves because 
I'm no longer consuming as much aspartame.  Personally, I don't care 
whether the aspartame was causing the memory loss or not...I just know 
that reducing my intake of it has improved my memory...either because 
I'm now eating more carbs (because I'm choosing foods with sugar 
instead of aspartame), or because I'm not consuming the aspartame.

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