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Re: Glucowatch - previously [IP] Panic Room

Dear Tammy,

I asked my endo about the glucowatch, and she was not enthoused (sp?) by
it.  She said it gave people rashes and was very inconvenient because
once on, it could not come off.  She said she was going to have a meeting
with the manufacturer and then get back to me on it.  She hasn't yet, but
I will ask her again.  I will let you know whatever I find out.


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
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how many of your kids are using the Glucowatch. >1. I thought it was just
recently approved for kids. >2. How is it different than the Biographer.
>3. Do you still have to check blood sugars with a meter? >4. How much is
it. >5. Does insurance cover it. >6. Is it perfected yet or still in
trials? Thanks, Tammy > >In a message dated 10/15/2002 5:53:52 AM Eastern
Standard Time, email @ redacted writes: > > > I also watched Third
Watch Monday night and called my son in to see the > > Glucowatch. They
never did say what the little boys > > reading was. > > > > Jocelyn,
Brian's mom > >Tammy, mom to Joely, dx'd 1970; g-ma to Emma, dx'd 2001;
both pumping 7-18-02
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