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>Dwayne W. Tackett <email @ redacted>
>Dwayne W. Tackett email @ redacted
>I have been a type 1 diabetic since 1989. Found out while serving in the 
>Air Force. Was taking 4-8 injections a day but have been on the pump 
>(Minimed 508) since July 2001. I am a Senior Technical Training Specialist 
>and currently train at automotive plants (Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Honda 
>just to name a few). I now live in Huntsville Alabama recently moving from 
>Atlanta Georgia. My HBA1C levels have been steadily dropping since being 
>on the pump, I am currently at 8.7. I exercise heavily 3-5 times a week 
>and am 39 years old.
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