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[IP] Glucagon - Storage temperature

Barbara said: The nice burglar injected her with Glucagon. Something I
personally believe anyone with Diabetes should have on hand.

I did get a Glucagon shortly after being diagnosed 1/2002 but I have no idea
if it is any good anymore. I used to keep it in my pocketbook but living in
the Memphis area you can not do that and keep it at "controlled room
temperature (68 to 77 degrees F). Since it has been exposed to temp on both
sides - mostly above 77 - is it still good? Expatriation date is Nov 1 2003.

It does not do me too much good having this in my dresser at home but how
would you ever keep it constantly at a controlled room temperature. Really, I
should ask the same about my glucose. I spend a good number of hours on the
golf course with temperatures well into the 90's.
Thanks for any info,
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