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[IP] Re: advice for job interview that includes lunch

At 09:02 AM 10/15/02, you wrote:
>I do not believe my choice not to reveal part of my medical history during an
>interview is dishonest. Frankly, it is nobody's business until they hire me.
>I don't like risking being judged by a medical condition that a prospective
>employer may or may not understand fully. I'd rather have them know after I
>have an employment relationship with them and the opportunity to educate
>should there be any concerns or misinformation to dispell. A job interview is
>too short a time to have that opportunity.
>As another poster suggested, it is too bad that I feel I have to take this
>stance. But it is for my own protection. I would love to be able to not worry
>and just be open about my diabetes all of the time. That would be my true
>personality. But through experience I have learned to be more realistic
>rather than idealistic.
>dxed T1 9/92, pumping since 1/02

True.  There are some questions on a job application that are no longer 
allowed and one regards health and/or disabilities.  Does a prospective 
employer ask a person if they've ever had cancer, high blood pressure, high 
cholesterol, etc.?  Of course not, so why should you have to discuss your 
diabetes in the interview?

dx'd 1963
pumping 2000
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