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[IP] Re: aspartame and science, etc.

Ryan, you crack me up with your selective interpretations.  But i 
really did like what you said in your last post.  As I see it, this 
explains why diabetics used to be soooo much smarter than everyone 
else, what with BGs cruising in the 2-300s.  And further, it even 
explains why we see so many off the wall comments from those of us on 
pumps who now have near normal blood glucose.   *S*
    BTW, my daughter is taking the PSAT today.  You think I should 
stuff her pockets with my glucose tabs?  Or should we hold out till 
she really needs them for the SAT?

<<<<<<One interesting thing I did find, ......  compared glucose 
consumption with aspartame consumption.  Those who had glucose had a 
marked improvement in memory.  The  conclusion of the study 
apparently was that glucose increases memory  performance......
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