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[IP] Re:Lack of Phone & Diebetes being useful

.......When the repairman had not arrived at my apartment by 2:30 on Monday
afternoon, I became annoyed and called the repair number again, this time
mentioning that I have medical problems and can NOT be without a phone.  To my
surprise, the woman immediately said:  "oh, ma'am, if you'd told us you were a
diabetic (and I am not touching that thread)  when you called Friday evening,
we would have come out to fix your phone on Saturday morning!  I'm
so sorry!"  It seems obvious to me now, but I would not have thought to
mention my disease. So be aware that having diabetes CAN be useful in certain

The very night after I was diagnosed, I went out to dinner with my husband,
son, daughter, and mother. After we were seated in the restaurant, I noticed a
commotion going on and overheard someone saying to give him some juice or
milk. I asked our server what was happening and she said the restaurant
manager was on the floor with a diabetic seizure. I offered my brand new
glucose tabs which he gratefully took and then he picked up the tab for our
entire dinner. So yes sometimes it can be useful.
Have a happy,
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