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Re: [IP] Panic Room

Some people do. Some go high from stress. Just another
ymmv thing. :)
Also, in the book they imply that she had a comorbid
(occurring with the diabetes) where stress would affect
her pulse (and bgs). Sounded like Addison's to me but
that was never implicitly stated. The other thing is,
in the book, the watch was a pulse meter (for said
mystery condition), not a glucowatch! But in the movie
it was of course, a "glucowatch".

Take care, Kerri
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Barbara said:
And once they were in the room and were both starting
to freak out,  the Mom
kept telling the daughter not to be that way because of
what the stress would

do to her blood sugars.   Like it would cause her to go
low ????????    Does
anyone actually go low from stress?   Zachary
skyrockets,  as do a number of
other Diabetics (or people with Diabetes :)  I know.
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