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Re: Glucowatch - previously [IP] Panic Room

Tammy asked:
So how many of your kids are using the Glucowatch.
**We're working on it!
1.  I thought it was just recently approved for kids.
**It was! Just a few weeks ago.
2.  How is it different than the Biographer.
**The G2 is different than the first Biographer in that
it has a shorter warm-up, does more bg readings, and
shorter time intervals between checks. There may be
others but these are the main differences.
3.  Do you still have to check blood sugars with a
**Yes, and that is because the device is intended for
trending, not to replace your meter. So you will need
to do a calibration check and a few others during the
4.  How much is it.
**The G2 is $698 (per our rep yesterday) but they have
a $200 rebate til the end of the year, making it $498.
5.  Does insurance cover it.
**Some do, most don't. Ours (TRICARE) doesn't yet...but
I'm working on it. :)
6.  Is it perfected yet or still in trials?
**There are ongoing clinical trials (various things
being studied, such as A1c improvement, nocturnal
hypoglycemia detection etc). It passed the FDA's safety
and effectiveness standards (I can send you the link
for it). Not sure what you mean by perfected...is
anything ever perfected?

Hope this helps!

Take care, Kerri
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