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[IP] Re: aspartame and science, etc.

>side effects

When Nutrasweet came out, I was really excited that there was a sweetener that didn't leave a nasty aftertaste. I threw away all the Sweetnlow and totally switched over. I don't drink any soda, so the only place I use the sweetener is coffee or tea.

After using it for awhile, I developed a rash around my eyes, like ecxema. Nothing would get rid of it. I was skin tested and found a contact allergy to several things including formaldehyde (which is everywhere). After eliminating every cosmetic, shampoo, conditioner and anything that contained any of the formaldehyde substances (and there are tons of them with many different names), I still had my rash.

When Splenda came out I tried it and switched over. Lo and behold! The rash disappeared!  Last year, we went on a vacation for less than a week and I didn't take any Splenda with me. I hate Sweet & Low, so I used Equal. 

The rash came back, but when I got home and went back to Splenda, the rash went away. I'll avoid Aspartame forever now!

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