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[IP] Insurance Approval - Finally

Well I just talked to my insurance and the lady said she can't give me all 
the details but it looks like I've been approved!! She said forms were to be 
mailed out this morning to give all details!!!!   I am so excited.  Now if I 
can get myself a doctor!!! - I have no family doctor as I am now 20 and my 
Pediatrician can no longer see me!  We have a severe doctor shortage here.  
But ahh well I have an Endo who comes up from Toronto 2X a year and if need 
be my diabetes clinic can work with him via phone to figure it out.  We have 
a local endo who I saw a few years ago but in order to see him again I need 
a referal from my family doctor!  Ahh ok but I ain't got one!!  I'll get one 
somehow.  Any way gotta go phone my Diabetes clinic and tell them the good 

Getting MUCH CLOSER to my new Paradigm!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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