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Re: [IP] Chicken pox and sites

Are these poxes liable to get infected or

>worsen if the adhesive of the set covers them?

Dear Barbara,

Oh I am feeling so very sorry for you right now.  Jessica had a very bad
case of chicken pox in kindergarten, before diabetes (personally, I
believe that is the virus that gave her diabetes, but that is just my
personal opinion, no scientific backup on that one)  Jessy had them so
bad, between fingers and toes, in her mouth and nose, in every crack an
crevis.  I do know when the scab would "accidently" be rubbed off, it
would ooze.  Aveeno baths were the real hero there.  I would be very
careful with your insert, Maybe even try a different part of the body if
you have to (ie: if her bottom is not too marked up, put it there, or her
thigh or arm even)  I would also call your endo and pediatrician and
collaborate some sort of extra special care for her.  I am sure I don't
have to tell you that serious complications can occur from chicken pox,
you really have to be on your toes as it is, and then adding diabetes
into the mix really complica! tes things.  I feel so bad for you.

Do you have the IV 3000 tape?  That seems to be less irritating then the
set tape.  Maybe you can cut that into a circle the size of the set and
put that on first.  Just a thought.   Good luck, and if you need to vent,
we are all here for you.


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
(1)non diab.


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