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[IP] Panic Room

I recently saw Panic Room too and I must be the only one who thought
things were handled well.  The movie was not about diabetes.  They were
not trying to teach or educate the general public about diabetes; they
just tried to have it in the story line - my opinion.  At the start when
she had the pizza, was going to only have a very small amount of "real"
soda and then her Mom let her have a full glass, I guess it was just my
assumption that she took a shot to cover the pizza and soda above
whatever her daily shots would have covered.  Again this is just my
opinion, they didn't show it.  Then when she was going low later, I
thought she must have given herself too much insulin.  I haven't read
the book to find out how they handled it all in there, but I liked that
they just seemed to take caring for the diabetes in just a routine way -
part of your everyday life.  What they did show was that she had a nice
little refrigerator by her bed that had insulin bottles and a glucogon
clearly visible.
I also watched Third Watch Monday night and called my son in to see the
Glucowatch.  They never did say what the little boys reading was.  
Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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