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[IP] Government funding of Insulin Pumps: ONTARIO CANADA

Greetings to all Ontario pumpers and those trying to find funding for pumps,

It may be in the interests of those living in Ontario drop a letter 
or email to Mr. Parsons regarding his latest attempt to solicit 
government funding to cover insulin pumps in Ontario.  At the bottom 
is a sample latter I sent off to Mr. Parsons.


MPP Ernie Parsons's (Liberal Critic for Persons With Disabilities) 
speech Oct 2 in the legislature.  This is his second speech re: 
funding insulin pumps in Ontario. The first was June 12, 2002.  He is 
appealing to all people with diabetes to send their letters of how 
the pump has helped them and especially from those who have not been 
able to access one due to financial constraints. His last speech is 
posted on the discussion board of the website 

Ernies' email address is 
<mailto:email @ redacted>email @ redacted  Note that he 
is *not* the "Ernie" Eves the Ontario Premier!

Here is the actual quote from the paper which has other details of his speech:

Article titled: Parsons Upset.

"Parsons also renewed a call for the government to cover the cost of 
insulin pumps which allow for insulin to be time released and improve 
the quality of life for diabetics.  Pumps also cut down on conditions 
that develop as a result of diabetes such as kidney problems.  "This 
government knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing." 
Parsons scolded Health Minister Tony Clement. "Every medical expert 
has concluded that $5700 invested in an insulin pump has the 
potential to save the health care system literally hundreds of 
thousands of dollars in avoided costs for kidney dialysis and heart 
care issues."  "Yet the government absolutely refuses to provide any 
assistance whatsoever meaning that only families with insurance or 
high incomes can have pumps and those without cant' even get help 
buying insulin needles." 

-Belleville Intelligencer, Oct 3, Pg 1, 4.

Sample letter sent by me:


Mr. Ernie Parsons, MPP
Liberal Critic for Persons With Disabilities
183 Front Street
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 2Y9

via email

Dear Mr. Parsons:

I have read the quotation (Belleville Intelligencer, Oct 3, Pg 1, 4. 
) of your latest call for the Eves' Government to minimize future 
health care costs by way of covering the cost of insulin pumps for 
insulin dependent diabetics (Type I's).  I concur with your 
statements entirely.

I have been a type I diabetic for 29 years, since age 9.  After 27 
years of effort I was unable to achieve adequate control of my 
diabetes no matter what I did with insulins, exercise nor very 
intensive insulin injections of up to ten per day.  The result is 
that I now require frequent hospital visits for eye surgery to slow 
diabetic blindness, expensive drugs for kidney damage, blood pressure 
and diabetic depression.

I obtained an insulin pump two years ago by way of a kind individual 
selling me his old, obsolete pumps at very low cost.  Since starting 
the insulin pump, I have totally eliminated chronic high blood 
glucoses and frequent  low blood glucoses.  My A1C's (the measurement 
of long term diabetes control) dropped within the first three months 
from 9-14 to 5-7.  Normal range for the first time in 27 years of 
being a type I diabetic!   Since starting insulin pump therapy, the 
deteriorating of the eyes and kidneys has slowed substantially!

If I had had the financial and medical support to have obtained an 
insulin pump years ago; I believe I would not require the expensive 
medical treatments, medical attention and drugs that I do today.

It is my opinion that treatment of type I diabetes, in this day and 
age, by any means other than by an insulin infusion pump is negligent 
and is no different than if the Government denied the use of 
pacemakers in favour of drug treatments for many heart patients.

In depth statistics contrasting insulin pump treatment with other 
treatments is available at: http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org


Darrin Parker
Ontario, Canada

I have used the insulin infusion pump for over a year thanks to the 
support of wonderful internet friends & the 

The Pump gave me better control than I had achieved in 27 years of 
MDI!  Best pre-pump HeA1c = 9.2.  1st & 2nd post-pump HeA1c = 5.1 & 
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