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[IP] rice cakes

call me crazy, but i really like the quaker savoury tomato & basil rice
cakes (don't know if you have the same thing in the u.s., but if you don't,
you're missing out!).  anyway, they've got 8.5 grams of carbs per cake (and
it would be pretty fast acting, as they are rice based), so i'll have 2,
bolus for the 17 grams, and still in a couple hours, my bg's are higher than
i would think they should be.  another hour or two and they drop.
made bran muffins yesterday, but realized hours after eating one that i
didn't bolus for the raisins i'd added to the muffins.  whoops.  not big big
whoops, but whoops.

do remember, i've only been pumping insulin for a week, so i'm getting the
hang of things, and there's a lot more to learn.
this is just another adventure in learning the proper amount to bolus for

on a bright note though, today was canadian thanksgiving, which means (in
our family) turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce (homemade,
not canned), carrots, broccoli, gravy, and pumpkin pie.  i guess i bolused
the correct amount, since when i did the checks after dinner (not
immediately after of course), the bg's were normal.
it was funny though, since i was really enjoyed being able to eat a little
more potato (i did skip the rolls though), but my mother was giving me weird
looks.  maybe it was about the gravy.  i'm not sure.  considering that i did
most of the work on the meal, i think i was entitled.

tomorrow will be a day of bran muffins, turkey, carrots and broccoli.  and
cranberry sauce.  :)

happy gobble gobble.

liz - ottawa
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