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Re: [IP] More on sweeteners, science, and . . .

Jim, this may be drifting off the pumping topic, but I'm wondering 
what journals you are thinking of that remove the author's name from 
the article for the reviewers.  I have experience with dozens of 
medical and basic science journals, including, Science, all the 
Nature journals, all the physiology journals, the pathology journals, 
some pharmacology journals,  PNAS, all the major cardiovascular and 
respiratory journals, and none hide the author's names from the 
reviewer.  The reviewers, however, are always hidden from the authors.
   What journals are you thinking about?  Possibly some biostat or 
math journals?   I agree that there occasionally might be some merit 
in hiding the author, but it is difficult to do because of reference 
citations.  Also there often is value in knowing who did the work. 
Track record is not an insignificant part of the review.

<<<<<<<<First, I apologize for prematurely hitting the "send" button.
Actually, while some blind the reviewers to the authors, it is usually the
reviewers who don't know the authors.  That way they are able to concentrate
on what has been written, not who has written it.
    Some journals send the comments of the reviewers directly to the authors,
with the reviewers names and addresses should the authors wish to discuss
the comments with the reviewers.  If that happens then (authors responding
to comments), of course, it is no longer blinded.  In other cases, the
editors will compile the comments and not reveal the names of the reviewers.
In still other cases it is the editors that do the review (Lancet, for
   In some cases where the reviewers and authors are unblinded, the exchange(s)
between them will become part of the overall publication.
Jim >>>>>>>
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