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[IP] chlorhexidine question

Peridex, the most common brand name is effective against many of the oral 
bacteria which cause periodontal disease. I think it's a great preventative 
for a person with diabetes to use, since there is a greatly increased risk of 
perio disease with diabetes.  I suggest my patients dip their toothbrushes in 
a small cup of chlorhexidine and then brush carefully around the gingiva.  I 
have some concern about continuous usage, since I have not seen research 
about long term usage (it might be out there and I've missed it) but I have 
my patients take regular breaks, like use it one month then take the next 
month off.
I would imagine you dentist who prescribed the peridex gave you some 
instructions, and  your best bet is to stick with his/her instructions.  
Peridex works best with regular cleaning appointment and very careful home 
Good luck
Molly Walsh
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