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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #702

>No research has ever found an
>association betweek aspartame and these reported effects.  

Not true.  :-)

For example, on UrbanLegends.com, they "debunk" an article meant to 
incite hysteria (or something!) about aspartame.  It basically gives 
many references that show that the article itself is hogwash.  But, at 
the end, it directly links to the specific results of a scientific 
study (this is the actual study results, not someone reporting on the 
results of the study) that show there is an increased occurance of 
headache among certain people due to aspartame.  This, of course, is 
not a serious side effect...and headache is not a big enough of a side 
effect for the FDA to not approve something.  (Nearly every medication 
you hear of on television lists "headache" as a side effect.)

Anyhow, while I, personally, find the aspartame information 
fascinating, I'm certainly not in a panic about it.  (I frequently 
drink 2-3 diet drinks a day.)  But, there IS, in fact, scientific 
reports that correlate it to some of the symptoms reported.

And, just because a symptom is correlated doesn't mean that most people 
will experience it.  The research mentioned above concluded that 
certain people are more prone to headache as a result of asparatame 
than others...so, ingesting it will cause those people to experience it 
more.  For those who are not "sensitive" to it will not experience the 
side effects.  Much like phenylketonurics are the only ones who will 
experience the effects of the phenylalanine (sp?) in aspartame.  Just 
because it is a small percentage of the population doesn't negate that 
for those people it is a problem.

Again, I noticed, personally, that aspartame DID affect my short term 
memory.  Perhaps I'm only 1 in 1000 that experience this side effect. I 
do not experience any of the other side effects reported.  

Regardless of all of this....again, I was merely trying to suggest that 
the confusion about aspartame and arsenic was a miscommunication.  
Aspartame DOES break down into aspartic acid...which even the FDA has 
stated is a fact.  It is easy to see where "aspartic" is confused 
with "arsenic" in a casual conversation.  And, of course, if someone 
heard "arsenic", we are all aware of arsenic being a bad thing.  
Aspartic acid, too, is a "bad" thing...though, as the FDA points out, 
not in the quantities that result from ingesting aspartame.
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