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Re: [IP] Regular soda

At 03:32 PM 10/14/02, Jacqui wrote:
>How many people drink regular soda? I drink diet coke since that's what I
>first drunk when I was diagnosed and it never crossed my mind that I could
>maybe drink regular soda now so I was just wondering how many people drink it
>and how they compensate for it.

While I personally don't drink regular sodas (I don't drink much diet soda 
either) this is from the Doctor's Pocket Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter:

Coca-Cola 12 oz.  35 g of Carb (although I think the can says 39 g of carb)
7-Up 12 oz.  38 g of Carb
Pepsi 12 oz.  41 g of Carb
A&W RootBeer 12 oz.  45 g of Carb

So, just count and bolus as needed.  Get a good carb book or read the cans 
and enjoy.

(While this is not meant to be any comparison of soft drinks, it's just a 
sample of what the book shows.)

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