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Re: [IP] Mini-gusher?

> Hello there,
> We had an incident today that I'd like some input on...
> I went to do a set change on JayJay this afternoon and as soon as I
> pulled the the introducer needle out of the quick-set, I saw red.
> Did I just hit the right (wrong) spot? 

Yep. In 7+ years, Lily has had a few of these. I don't know the exact 
number, but more than 2 probably less than 6. It looks a LOT worse 
than it is. Sometime's it's amusing (in retrospect) when the blood 
squirts out onto the mirror or  the floor and give all the evidence 
of some grisly event having taken place in your home when really 
it's just an itsy bitsy blead.

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