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Re: [IP] advice for saline trial/insulin delivery

> Does anyone have any knowledge of whether or not giving insulin
> through the infusion site with a syringe is safe or not? The reason
> why I'm asking is because my daughter will be pumping saline first
> (soon) and don't want to confuse her by giving her shots after she
> has the pump on. Any information, good or bad, is greatly
> appreciated.
> Steve

I can't comment on whether or not it's "safe", but we've done it many 
times, including one three day stint over a holiday weekend when 
Lily's pump inconveniently died on Friday. We used regular for 
basals, injecting into the silastic seal every 4 hours, then "fast" 
insulin for boluses as needed. The only thing I'd warn you about is 
not pushing the syringe in to far. If you do, and the tubing on the 
other side is not perfectly aligned, you will puncture the tube and 
have to replace the set. Did this once with a Silohuette.

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