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Re: [IP]Diabetic plans to walk to south pole to raise money

Re: [IP]Diabetic plans to walk to south pole to raise money
Somewhere in this message there was a intimation from the writer to the
effect that type 2 diabetes was not serious and was avoidable. My dad has
had it since he was 63 years old, he is now 97 years old. yet it is genetic,
his type 2 diabetes and my type 1 were both genetically transmitted from his
mother. he has lost a lot of weight over the years and now weighs only 97
pounds. yet he still has type 2 diabetes. My cousin has type 1 as well, she
eats no fat and is very lean. I have cardiovascular disease and had a stroke
in 1999. I did weigh my most about 2 years ago when i ate whatever i wanted
and covered myself with lispro insulin. now i have lost weight for the past
8 months. it has not been fun to go into a drug store, order a milk shake,
bolus for it and find that i lost weight from drinking four or five a week.
I hate gastroparesis., spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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