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Re: [IP] different glucose readings

>i have 2 different glucometers, the accu-chek compact and the one touch
>just now, i tested (different fingers, same soap) with the one touch, 
>then the accu-chek.  results: 7.1 and 8.5 respectively (127.8 and 153 

The accuracy of those meters from "actual" values varies quite 
dramatically.  A variance of 40 mg/dL (2.2 mmol/L) is not unusual.

Typically, the same machine will be "off" by roughly the same amount 
for each test, but two different machines will be off from each other a 
different amount.

For example, let's say that your ACTUAL BG level is 8.0, if taken from 
a lab, etc.  Now, the one meter will typically be off by that .9 every 
time (or, perhaps by a percentage that works out to the .9 in this 
case), and the other will be off by .5.  The two appear to vary by 
1.4...but really BOTH vary by less than 1.0 from the actual, but just 
in different directions.

So, if you have good control using one meter, but find your A1c levels 
are higher than expected, it could be that meter registers everything 
slightly lower than actual, where as the same control with another 
meter might result in a better A1c value because it reports a value 
closer to actual.

Swapping between meters...particularly brands of meters, is not a good 
idea unless you understand how the difference between the two meters 
factors in. 

Also, the fact that you used two different fingers could play into it.  
Try using the same finger with both machines and see what kind of 
variance you get.  
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