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Re: [IP] cortisone shots/for frozen shoulder

At 10:10 AM 10/14/02, you wrote:
>Hi, i have frozen shoulder also known as adhesive capulitus. i have been
>going to physical therapy, which makes my range of motion much better. my
>orthopedic dr, who is a highly recommended doctor, suggested i get the shot
>for the pain i still have. i spoke to my endo who said try celbrex first,
>which i did. but pain is still there. i assume the shot is for pain but also
>to help me be able to strech the area, when i am doing pt 2 to 3 days a week.
>i heard and read what i can do to blood sugars. so i am going to see
>orthopedic dr tomorrow, may be getting shot. my cde said i may have to double
>my basal rates but see how my bs are after the shot first. anyone have this
>done, did your bs stay high for days, or just the day. i am worried, not sure
>what to do thanks Eileen


I got the cortisone shot for my shoulder last year.  It did raise MY blood 
sugar a bit, but I didn't have to double my basal rates.  I raised my basal 
rate in .1 increments until I found the amount that worked for me.   My 
basal rates went back to normal after a few days.  Just be sure to keep a 
constant watch on your bgs after the shot.

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