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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #701

>This is a very old argument and in fact there are some websites 
devoted to 
>this subject. However, all they have are general reports of 
testimonials or 
>what they claim that some medical professional "says". As far as I 
>there has been no scientific research, published in a recognized 
>which backs up any of these claims. Some of these webpages make it 
>like there is some sort of conspiracy by Monsanto to hush up the 
>but I have never seen any proven evidence of that either. I believe 
that if 
>there really was a problem, Equal (aspartame) would have been pulled 
>the market, the way that cyclamates were pulled many decades ago. And, 
>the way people love to sue corporations nowadays, I'm sure that if 
>was a provable claim, that Monsanto would have had major lawsuits 
>it long before now.

First of all, claims can be true without being provable (which was a 
huge topic in the philophy class I took in college called "The Nature 
of Science").  

Second, several of the web articles are WRITTEN by medical 
professionals themselves, NOT just quoting medical professionals.

Third, several of these articles cite specific research/studies done on 
the topic. Are they conclusive?  Well, no more conclusive than any 
other research.  :-)  There are always multiple ways to look at the 
same data.  But, just because something isn't conclusively proven to be 
bad doesn't mean it isn't worth examination.

Fourth, my intention was NOT to convince anyone that aspartame is 
bad...just to bring to light what the probable reason that the original 
poster heard about as far as aspartame being bad.  (In this case, 
arsenic being confused with aspartic acid.)

So, do with the information I provided as you will.  For myself, I have 
reduced aspartame consumption in the past several years, though not 
eliminated.  I have noticed a marked improvement in short-term memory 
as a result.  That is my anecdotal information.  As people are so 
common in saying here, YMMV.

It becomes increasingly difficult to remove something from the market 
when it is so prolific without strong evidence.  The evidence "against" 
aspartame now may have been strong enough shortly after it's 
introduction to remove it from market, but today, entire industries are 
built upon it, and so that same evidence would need to be much more 

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