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[IP] different glucose meters-readings

We have 3 one touch ultras, 2 of which will give us almost identical readings 
if we are using strips that have the same number code, so I try to keep these 
two meters supplied with the same strips if possible.  Sometimes different 
numbers on strips will give us similar readings, but it seems to be much more 
consistent if the strips are of the same code number. The other meter will 
give bg readings up to 30 points different from the other two.  I asked the 
CDE about it and she said that happens and it is normal-no help, but I guess 
just a fact, so we try to use the 2 that read the closest as much as we can 
and use the other just for a backup.  
Sherry, mom to Liz, age 13, dx 3/01   MM508-5/02
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