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[IP] How to inject directly into the canula 101

look closely at the piece of the set that is taped to your body, assuming you 
are using the sil/tender set.  When you DISCONNECT, there is a piece still 
attached to you, right  Look in there and you will see a tiny hole, covered 
with rubber.   Similar to the lid of an insulin bottle.   if you look at the 
piece you disconnected, you will see a little needle.  When you reconnect, 
you push that little needle through the rubber and the insulin can get in. 
you can use any kind of needle you WANT - such as a syringe, if it is fine 
enough gauge, and syringes these days are fine enough. This is why you don't 
have to put that useless piece of plastic on when you disconnect for a shower 
 - nothing can get IN, and nothing can get out.


sara smarty pants az
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