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Re: [IP] cortisone shots/for frozen shoulder

> Hi, i have frozen shoulder also known as adhesive capulitus. i have
> been going to physical therapy, which makes my range of motion much
> better. my orthopedic dr, who is a highly recommended doctor,
> suggested i get the shot for the pain i still have.

The shot is not for pain. Cortisone will cause a lot of loosening of 
the shoulder and a large decrease in any inflamation that remains. 
I've had three of them in on of my sholders. The immediate reaction 
is a tinny taste in your mouth followed  by 2-3 days of the sholder 
feeling a little "weird". The best I can describe it is that it just 
feels kind of loose. Stretching and movement of the sholder at this 
point is a bit easier and most of the effects hang on long after the 
cortisone is long gone. Of the three shots, not all seemed as 
effective, but they all helped some. Side effects may include some 
very strange bg's for a few days.

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