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[IP] insulin through site

sorry i missed the question the first time, i have been busy or i WOuld have 

yes, you can inject through the site - at least with teh tender/silhouette 
you can. I dont know about the sof set.  i have done it several times...to 
avoid poking additional holes in my skin.  You line the needle up with the 
little rubber-covered hole, then push it in....I can't attest to the 
accuracy, especially if youh ave saline in the tube in front of it.  if you 
inject insulin into  it, you are gonna push all the saline in front of the 
insulin into her...then when you re-hook up the pumpagain, the insulin in the 
canula will get pushed in as her basal saline pushes it in...might consider 
bolusing some saline to push in the insulin?

on the other hand...make it a game with the kid...let her know that this is 
#x our of how ever many left...you can cross them off on a calendar or 
something til she getsd to NO SHOT day...easier , quicker and more efficient 

just my opinion

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