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Re: [IP] Re: Arsenic and aspartame

At 08:13 AM 10/14/2002 Ryan Bruner wrote:
>I just did a bit of quick look up on this on the internet.  I think the
>issue is NOT arsenic, but aspartic acid.  (It's easy to see how someone
>might confuse "aspartic" with "arsenic".)
>Aspartame is made from three chemicals, one of which is aspartic acid.
>Aspartic acid in the body can be "bad", to put it lightly.  Aspartame
>breaks down easily in heat above 86 degrees, so there is strong concern
>that in the body (at 98.6 degrees) that it could break down into the
>three original chemicals, as well as while in transport or storage in
>hotter climates.

This is a very old argument and in fact there are some websites devoted to 
this subject. However, all they have are general reports of testimonials or 
what they claim that some medical professional "says". As far as I know, 
there has been no scientific research, published in a recognized journal, 
which backs up any of these claims. Some of these webpages make it seem 
like there is some sort of conspiracy by Monsanto to hush up the research, 
but I have never seen any proven evidence of that either. I believe that if 
there really was a problem, Equal (aspartame) would have been pulled off 
the market, the way that cyclamates were pulled many decades ago. And, with 
the way people love to sue corporations nowadays, I'm sure that if there 
was a provable claim, that Monsanto would have had major lawsuits against 
it long before now.

I have seen many other sites get totally embroiled in long, extended, 
hostile shouting matches on this subject and every time it comes up, there 
seem to be a lot of emotions involved. Let's not do the same here. If there 
is proven research, then that's one thing. If not, please, let's not argue 
about it here.

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