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Re: [IP] cortisone shots/for frozen shoulder

Hi Eileen,

My basic philosophy is to be as pain free as possible.  I have had frozen
shoulder before and know the agony that is involved.  I'd get the shot and
monitor my BG a lot.

I'm currently working with gout and neuropathy in my left foot.  I told the
doctor that I was ready to chew my foot off, but I couldn't reach my ankle.
So, I am taking Vicodin, Tegretol, and Allopurinol.  Each one of them can
interfere somehow with other meds I take --  mostly my heart medication, but
it can also affect my kidney function.
Since I have kidney failure, my doc was a little hesitant.  My response was,
if I have to go on dialysis a week early in order to stop the pain, then so
be it.

As I have seen so much, I will say YMMV.  For me pain reduction is the first
thing I want taken care of.

BTW --  I also had prednisone prescribed and my blood sugars only went up an
average of 20 points.  I just went up in my Lantus and my  Humalog.

Good luck with it!

 P.S. My endo took me off of celebrex as it can be hard on the kidneys.

doctor, suggested i get the shot
> for the pain i still have. i spoke to my endo who said try celbrex first,
> which i did. but pain is still there.

> orthopedic dr tomorrow, may be getting shot. my cde said i may have to
> my basal rates but see how my bs are after the shot first. anyone have
> done, did your bs stay high for days, or just the day. i am worried, not
> what to do thanks Eileen
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