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[IP] Re: Arsenic and aspartame

I just did a bit of quick look up on this on the internet.  I think the 
issue is NOT arsenic, but aspartic acid.  (It's easy to see how someone 
might confuse "aspartic" with "arsenic".)  

Aspartame is made from three chemicals, one of which is aspartic acid.  
Aspartic acid in the body can be "bad", to put it lightly.  Aspartame 
breaks down easily in heat above 86 degrees, so there is strong concern 
that in the body (at 98.6 degrees) that it could break down into the 
three original chemicals, as well as while in transport or storage in 
hotter climates.

Anyhow, I think that either the listener or the speaker in this 
situation confused "arsenic" with "aspartic".  FYI.
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