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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #700

>> Well, the jury is still out on aspartame.  :-)  There are several 
>> side-effects of aspartame, some more serious than others.  I had a
>> friend who did a research project on the affects of asparatame, and 
>> results were certainly eye-opening.

>Can you give us a citation for this work?  I assume, when you say 
>that it is published as a peer reviewed paper in a recognized 

Okay.  I guess I wasn't clear.  :-)  This paper I'm referring to was 
NOT the research itself.  Instead, he was writing a paper that cited 
numerous published research.  He was basically taking all of the 
(known) research at the time and writing a research paper summarizing 
the data.  Frankly, this idea of "arsenic" in Asparatame is news to 
me...I was merely sharing that there ARE, in fact, some known side 
effects from aspartime.

>> The biggest side-effect that I noticed was loss of short-term memory.
>> THis is a known side-effect.

>Again - please give us a citation for this conclusion.

I'll see what I can do about tracking down the paper he wrote.  It was 
written several years ago, and I only ever had a photocopy of it.  (At 
the time, he was giving copies to everyone he knew so that they were 
informed.) In the mean time, go to "www.yahoo.com" and do a search 
on "aspartame and 'memory loss'" and you'll get several articles 
covering this, as well as other side effects.

FYI, arsenic is not one of them.  :-)

>While I won't contest your experience, I will note that this 
constitutes a
>testimonial, not research.  You are not an unbiased observer in this 

True.  Don't take my word for it...nor the word of someone who says 
there isn't evidence.  Look it up for yourself, you'll find that there 
is evidence showing that aspartame has numerous known side-effects.  
You have to weed through some of the information, though, out 
there...which was what my friend's paper tried to do...get through 
the "hype" and to the actual facts.

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