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RE: [IP] What to Do When Endo Wont Listen

Regarding a1c's that won't come down or get into range.....
I have found that if I have a good a1c it means that my lows and highs
averaged it out and I know that my b.g. aren't good.  I have had to bring
this to my endo's attention several times after she told me how good my
numbers were.

Bear in mind that if your b.g. are on a more even keel, that your a1c will
look higher but in actuality (this is my opinion now) it isn't since you
probably aren't having as many lows as before and so nothing is "averaging"

I am one of those who eats the same thing everyday and has different #'s as

Just keep trying to do your best.  That's all we can do.  There are just too
many invariables to take into consideration as to why this or why that.

I have finally just said "the heck with it", shrug my shoulders and go on
with whatever the numbers read.  If it's low, I treat it.  If it's high, I
take extra insulin.

I've given up on being one of those "perfect pumpers" and I have an endo
visit this Wednesday and am dreading it!!!

Good luck
Kathy b.
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