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Re: [IP] Arsenic in Diet drinks?

> This is based on a lot of scare talk, that as far as I can tell, is 
> based on any scientific evidence whatsoever. It's mainly aimed at 
> sweetened with aspartame (Equal). The poison they normally cite is
> formaldehyde not arsenic, though.

Well, the jury is still out on aspartame.  :-)  There are several KNOWN 
side-effects of aspartame, some more serious than others.  I had a 
friend who did a research project on the affects of asparatame, and his 
results were certainly eye-opening.  

The biggest side-effect that I noticed was loss of short-term memory.  
THis is a known side-effect.  I found that I had a hard time 
remembering things that were just told me, etc.  This is more than just 
the normal, "WHere did I just put my keys?" thing.  For example, my 
wife would tell me to do something, and literally 10 seconds later, I 
couldn't remember what she just said.  (This sounds more alarming than 
it was...it was more subtle, and I thought that it was normal, since 
everyone jokes about forgetting stuff.)

Anyhow, after my friend's research paper, I decided to cut back on 
aspartame.  I was getting it in diet drinks, cereal (putting equal on 
my cereal), yogurt (eating the "lite" yogurts), etc.  So, I stopped 
using equal, and starting eating regular yogurt instead of lite (thanks 
to carb-counting).  I also reduced my diet drink intake dramatically.  
The result?  Within a week I noticed a HUGE improvement in my short-
term memory.  

Since then, my diet drink intake has increased a bit, and I've noticed 
the accompanying loss of short-term memory...but not enough to worry 
about.  I do prefer using the drinks that are sweetened with sucralose 
and/or Acesulfame-K over aspartame.  However, there is concern that 
acesulfame-K might be a carcinogen...and there are concerns now over 
sucralose...though only based on it's chemical make-up...not because of 
any firm scientific data.


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