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Re: [IP] Arsenic in Diet drinks?

This story has surfaced often because of the fact that the Aliens who 
landed in Roswell, N.M. were actually killed off by drinking too much 
diet soda.  But since humans don't have the enzyme, alien-arsenicase, 
we are perfectly safe drinking all the diet soda we want.
    BTW, your mom isn't an alien is she?  That doctor surely is, and 
we should send him off to outer space ASAP.

>>>>>>>>   I have a question that I hope someone here knows something about.  My
Mother just called me to tell me that a friend of hers who is diabetic has
been very sick with Aresenic poisoning.  The doctor is telling her she got
the poisoning from diet drinks & imitation sugar.  I have never heard of
anything like this & thought maybe someone here would know.  My daughter & I
both drink alot of diet Pepsi.  I also buy alot of artificially sweetened
things for my diabetic daughter.  I just want to make sure we are safe from
   If this is something you have already discussed I appologize.
Thanx Kim..........>>>>>>>>>
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