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RE: [IP] Minimed 508 PROBLEM


     When I first purchased my MM508, it was working fine. After about a month though, I discovered a MAJOR problem. While audio bolusing, each press of the button should make one beep, .5 units each. Well mine many times would beep twice or even THREE times with one press, that much MORE insulin! I'd just be bolusing and seemed as though it would change into rapid fire mode! LOL  I checked and re-checked, showed my CDE and Endo, both who were kind of surprised. A very dangerous situation to say the least.
    This problem was not similar to yours, but I can tell you how I handled it. I called MiniMed, told them exactly what was happening. They gave me two options: 1) They would send me a loaner pump via Fed-Ex overnight AND return postage paid packaging to send mine back to them so they could look at it and fix it. claiming that would take about 6-8 weeks OR 2) the exact same scenario except it wouldn't be a loaner pump but rather a new one to keep, still sending back the troubled one to them postage paid. I opted to take the new one for keeps. I certainly did NOT want the same one back. Bottom line is they were VERY understanding and helpful. Call the number on the back of your pump and SEND IT BACK once you get the new one. I had mine by 10:30am the next day (not a whole kit, just the pump in a cool little box). The best of luck to you
                                        J. Rogers
                                      Dx 9/12/72
                                     Pumping 3/98

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